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You decided to go on safari but you don’t know where to go and not sure whether the research found online is reliable, much less which country to choose. So many options and so little time! Our first  recommendation would be to make a list of what you would like to experience. Are you a very adventurous kind of person? Will you be alone, with a group or with family? Will you have young kids with you? How much time you have and your budget will also be a deciding factor but Amber, your safari expert will be able to help you make a decision and our posts will also give you some guidance.

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If you are a lover of animals and in particular wildlife, then you have probably heard of, if not seen the movie “Out of Africa,” which was filmed in Kenya and transported us all to a different place and time with the breathtaking cinematography; therefore this is the first Country or area we will explore.

The most important question is which time of the year you would like to go on safari as that will determine which areas/Countries are good to visit at that time. However, if that is not an issue for you, the best time to visit East Africa is June/July – November. The most breathtaking experience you will ever have is being a witness to the massive migration of animals and just so you know, this is peak season so you would have to secure your accommodation well in advance. The Great Migration cannot be compared to any other experience in this lifetime. Well over a million animals migrate during the dry season from the southern expanse of the Serengeti plains and Ngorongoro Crater, over the border of Kenya to Maasai Mara National Reserve, and back down to the southern Serengeti again in search of food and water and to raise their young during the seasonal change.

One of the options to experience this migration is to take a hot air balloon ride over the Mara, as the locals call it. The other is of course in an open land rover vehicle with a guide or a walking safari. Point being, a safari to East Africa is not short on excitement and adventure.

Accommodation varies from tented camps to brick and mortar lodges; luxurious and more basic, depending on your preference and the experience you want to have, and of course your budget. You could sleep under the stars in a tree house, or in a luxury lodge where you can sit in a hot tub, drinking your favorite beverage while gazing out onto the most incredible scenery and wildlife. Almost as though you are in your own version of “Out of Africa!”

Then there is the hauntingly beautiful Serengeti in Tanzania; another East African Country known for its geographic wonders and vast wilderness areas. The plains of Serengeti National Park, known as the land of the “Big Five” and where the great migration starts, is absolutely a “must see” if at all possible. Kilimanjaro National Park claims Africa’s highest mountain and vistas of truly impossible beauty. You could explore both these Countries on an overland Kenya/Tanzania safari, witnessing the wildebeest, zebra and a host of other migratory wildlife.

In fact a Kenya & Tanzania Overland safari could be the perfect adventure and will showcase what these places have to offer. We would start in Nairobi, Kenya for a night to stretch your legs and then travel to the Mount Kenya region, which is an extinct volcano and the highest mountain in Kenya, with its highest peak topping off at 17,057 feet and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. Abundant wildlife and over 130 bird species will have you enthralled and in safari “heaven.” Crowds of flamingos famously line the shores of several lakes and are often joined by other larger wildlife, attracted to the cooling breezes of the lakes.


To the east is the Indian Ocean, including the tropical islands of Zanzibar, which we will share in another post. As we said – so much to do and so little time!

As mentioned in another post, if you are a family with young kids, it might be prudent to go to a lodge where you and the kids can experience the wildlife in a safe-for-kids environment such as giraffe manor in Kenya. The unique Giraffe Manor is famous for its resident herd of Rothschild giraffe that casually wander around the spectacular grounds. Expect to have “visitors” for breakfast as you will probably share a delicious meal with a friendly giraffe poking his head through the window in search of a treat.

Keep following our posts for more on info on African Safaris, to assist you with making an informed choice for where you would like to have your first  (or next) experience, destination wedding and/or honeymoon, exotic island getaways as well as food and wine tours.

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Pictures courtesy of Great Safaris, Glendale USA.

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