About Us… we are all about the Finer Things!

We love the Finer Things in Life and who doesn’t! We especially love fine wine, great food a stylish home and we love to travel… and have we travelled! From backpacking to camping and glamping solo and in groups, to exotic luxe resorts and everything in between. I am sure you have heard the expression if you if you love what you do you never work a day in your life and I really don’t like working! But I do love sharing all those Finer Things I spoke of, with you, our clients and creating trips for you that will leave you… very happy.

I decided to become a certified Travel Advisor, so I can share those unique experiences I have had and create new ones for you, our clients. Whether you travel alone, planning a destination wedding or honeymoon, want to travel the US and looking for those out of the way spots so that you can safely practice social distancing while also having fun or want to explore wines around the world; we are or should be your first call. We don’t do run of the mill trips unless that is what you want. We plan cruises, adventure experiences, group travel, corporate travel and sports travel. Take a look at out travel, food and wine page or our blog posts for more pics and info.

Another one of my passions is wine… when I travel I always look for new wines to add to my portfolio, and there are so many wineries to explore in Cali and the US. Here at home though, we partner with Scout & Cellar as we love their delicious, Clean Crafted Wines. So yes, that means we also do tastings – virtually or in person – for friends, fundraisers or businesses. We do then safely and socially distanced protocols observed. Scout & Cellar offers this opportunity to everyone who loves clean, low sugar and low cal, yet very delicious wine, and want to share it with others. Contact me and I can show you how. For more info about Scout & Cellar, follow this link. 

Last but not least, when we are home, we love to decorate! Whether our own homes or that of our clients. Follow our social media posts for more info or follow this link to see where we get our ridiculously beautiful inspiration from, or leave us a message below.