Adventure Travel & Fine Wine.

Our business is about bringing you the Finer Things in Life which to us means always traveling to new and exciting destinations and then introducing you, our client to the best that destination has to offer. This could include sharing a meal with the locals or experiencing the most luxurious accommodations.

I have to admit right off the bat that Africa to me is a fave when I travel and especially now because IMHO I believe that it is one of the safest places to visit. You are totally outdoors and you can reserve a room/suite that is far from other guests and if you decide to travel with family for your destination wedding for instance, you  can easily reserve an entire lodge as some of these are very privately situated and intimate. Perfect for group travel also. Africa is also so diverse! Going to Rwanda and Kenya or Zimbabwe, is a totally different experience for instance than South Africa or Botswana. So aside from going on safari, there are countless other places for you to explore. The Cape Winelands are world renown and Cape Town that is known for it’s stunning sunsets, is one of the most exciting cities to visit with the diverse food and cultural experiences just waiting for you. It is just a hop and a skip to some of the most beautiful islands in the world such as Mauritius, Zanzibar or Seychelles and don’t forget about Victoria Falls, River Cruises in the Zambezi or up north, the exotic nightlife and shopping experiences in Morocco, the mysteries of Egypt and the Holy Land with thousands of years of history to explore!

Speaking of hops, Africa is perfect for honeymoon hops or having both your destination wedding and honeymoon there. You could get married in the bush and spend some time with family if they are traveling with you, then hop to one of the exotic islands like Zanzibar, Madagascar or Reunion… or have your wedding in Cape Town then hop to the bush… or a winery wedding… or get married in Marrakesh and honeymoon in the Sahara desert… you let me know what you love, and I will make those dreams come true.

A safari in Africa is a series of unforgettable moments; one more breathtaking than the other. You will be mesmerized by the African sunrise as your day starts with an early morning drive in an open vehicle and private guide, as you see various animals grazing and notice the gold of the sun reflect off the coats of the antelope as they scamper out of the way, while others scan the tall grass for predators. You may see a leopard with a kill hoisted in the tree hidden from scavengers, or a pride of lions, maybe 10 or 15, lying around napping in the morning sun, resting after their hunt. On the afternoon sunset drive or walk, you will likely pass by a waterhole that has a heard of buffalo lying in the mud or elephants frolicking in the water, especially those adorable Ellie babies so full of beans! Capturing a glimpse of the ill tempered rhinoceros, critically endangered, is a sight to see along with the sheer brute strength of the Cape Buffalo, considered the most dangerous of the big five. It is truly life changing. The sounds of Africa… bird song, hippos grunting and baboons alarming at predators, will soothe and excite you at the same time. The first time you hear the roar of a lion as you sit around a campfire at night, will make the hair on your arm stand straight up, reach for your cocktail and your throat will tighten just a little! So exciting and yet so peaceful. Enjoying a fine glass of wine with the delicious local food, while breathing in the night air is intoxicating, and I sleep like a baby when I am there. OK you get the picture… it is my fave place to visit and conservation is so important so we partner with lodges and resorts, that live consciously and give back to their communities. My blog posts describe these experiences in detail. 

We are your partner in designing an amazing destination wedding or honeymoon that will ensure unforgettable memories and insta worthy pictures, and we have no problem guaranteeing that you will love every moment. The art is in matching your needs with our recommendations. Let’s face it, the world is your oyster and the options for wedding or honeymoon destinations are almost endless. One thing I can say is that your experience will be unique. We most definitely do not offer cookie-cutter trips. When it comes to travel, one size most certainly does not fit all. Once you are in touch with one of our experts, we will be able to quickly guide you through all the various options.

Another one of my passions is wine! When I visit a new destination I have to try their wine! We love wine tours and river cruises that stop at fabulous wineries all over the world and we keep finding new ones that we want to explore! How many wonderful ones are there right here in the USA?? I am so happy to live in California where we are surrounded with wineries! One better and more beautiful than the next.

My preference when I am at home though is our partner in wine, Scout & Cellar, as we definitely prefer enjoying wine that won’t leave us with a headache the next day, and… they care about the planet! It is free of yucky stuff like synthetic pesticides and chemical additives and they hold themselves to a higher standard as they are committed to offering a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience. Delicious wines. Better in the bottle. Better in your glass. Better for the planet.  Contact me with the form below, if you would like to have a tasting; virtual or otherwise. You can read more about Scout and Cellar here.

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