Africa is without doubt one of the most romantic places for a destination wedding or honeymoon. Actually it is perfect for anyone who wants to have an extraordinary experience, as there are few places that will leave you with the same feeling as Africa, after you have left. Capturing a glimpse of the majestic African Elephant or the beautiful Leopard will be sure to set your heart racing. The ill tempered rhinoceros, critically endangered, is a sight to see along with the sheer brute strength of the Cape Buffalo, considered the most dangerous of the big five. And of course no trip is complete without the king – the African Lion.

We are your partner in designing an amazing destination wedding or honeymoon that will ensure unforgettable memories and insta worthy pictures! Fortunately, considering how incredible Africa is, we have no problem guaranteeing that you will love every moment. The art is in matching your needs with our recommendations.

Your honeymoon will be unique. We most definitely do not offer cookie-cutter trips. When it comes to safari, one size most certainly does not fit all. Once you are in touch with one of our Safari Experts, they will be able to quickly guide you through all the various options.

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